Thursday, August 23, 2007


All new designs were created by our very own Gabe (top friends on our myspace profile).
Check out our newsest designs and latest styles at the market on the weekend too! (129 N6th street, Williamsburg ,Brooklyn,NY)

ps.:more about the market and stuff later this week, so stay tunned!!!Also go see the movie Superbad, bc it's freakin' great!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thanks Shawn Wasson!!!

Thanks Shawn, some agree, some disagree with the statements he makes, but the Newsjunkie mos def has a sense of style, fits nice:)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 features 1AEON on the frontpage with an interview!!

1AEON has been featured on the frontpage of the,"supersite of handmade items", with a personal interview!! On top of that, our craziest listings are going on right now and continue on in the next few days!!! This thing is so powerfull it triggers so many things we can't even tell you, but yes things are going pretty fest nowadys so get ready, because we're not stoping!!! check us out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

*We received it via Etsy ( the famous craft-site), and we extremly proud of it!! A hand drawn picture of our Zebragirl!!! /Sarah we are proud of you too..i told you it was worth doing!!!/Image Hosted by
*Also here is a poem from our free t-shirt contest winner (it was announced on Gen Art pulse! on the 15th of May.2007):

my belly is big
there's a bun in the oven
i could wear a cape
if i were in a coven

i'm desperate for clothes
i can wear in the heat
a really cool shirt
that would be sweet

it may not fit
all the way down
to the waist of my pants
as i walk around town

but i'm hoping to be
a cool mama cat
and i can still wear the shirt
when my belly is flat!

Holly H.

we love you Holly!!!

to remember here it was:
to archive: Gen-art free tee contest from last week
1AEON Etsy store

Monday, May 14, 2007

GenArt pulse features 1AEON

Gen Art pulse features 1AEON.Thank you so much guys!!
Here is the link to the short article:

Saturday, May 12, 2007

1Aeon website update

The 1AEON website has been updated!
Check out the -"current client, links, contact and even the press" sections we also added a nice new opening page. Of course all artwork done by our very own Gabe.
A brand new website coming up soon with new designs and new items, untill then enjoy the little changes we

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Brand New 1AEON items listed on Etsy

Brand new listing on our little onlie Etsy shop.
We listed many new items, shirts and totes, even buttons too!
In the meantime here is a picture of our new sticker. The design was done by our very own Gabe Molnar who responsible for all of our artwork. (
see ya!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Gabe Molnar (of 1AEON designer/artist) created a t-shirt design again for his fav. people, this time for the RED ROMANCE (ex-Ambulance ltd.)!!!!
The new design is for the 50' style/classy lover The Red Romace.
They are currently on tour with the Killers and at the merch table you'll find the "Goods"!!.
You can see more of Gabe's designs for bands and of cours designs he created for his own company:1AEON at

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some pics of the latest and 1AEON website change

Some picures of 1AEON last week's work, you 'll find them at the market or somewhere on the web:)
Also anouncing that the 1Aeon website ( will be changed soon.
Till that happens enjoy:)
we will post the latest changes and new designs here!!
1AEON crew

1AEON at the Artists and Fleas market in Williamsburg,Brooklyn

if you don't like the sound of the flea market don't is NOT!
it's a year around happening ( every weekend Sat-Sun 12-8pm) At N6th bet Bedford and Berry.
We Try to convince you to come out here and look around , pretty much the only place where you can see the current 1AEON collection with the best prices..also a little different form what we sell at the/in stores (retail).
So come on out, get some brunch, and visit won't be dissapointed, also the only place we take orders..
you can also meet us in person..
hey there are records,jewelery,vintage, music..what are you waiting for?

you should know

that one of the nicest work also one of the most original work i've ever seen is :YESLABS!! (from NY,US)
run by my friend David.
He would put actual money bills on his tees and ornaments from bills as well, incredible detailed can find them in stores but deserve a google search..also the corporet company Diesel ripped him off..there is nothing usual about it.happens a
anyways just letting you know about the truth..
go to sleep!

Monday, April 16, 2007

What i always wanted to do..

to start a blog..not!!
Ok here we go:
Im not sure if it will be helpig or not but i'll try my best.
As we all know there is NO magazine or any well know public platform for silkscreeners,specially not for kids who are working with their hands, which is reather sad ,at the same time -glad that gigantic companies never start at the leave this field for us to fill in.
NY company 1AEON creates one-of-a-kind designs on t-shirts,sweatshirts,totes,paper..etc
you can always check: