Wednesday, May 23, 2007

*We received it via Etsy ( the famous craft-site), and we extremly proud of it!! A hand drawn picture of our Zebragirl!!! /Sarah we are proud of you too..i told you it was worth doing!!!/Image Hosted by
*Also here is a poem from our free t-shirt contest winner (it was announced on Gen Art pulse! on the 15th of May.2007):

my belly is big
there's a bun in the oven
i could wear a cape
if i were in a coven

i'm desperate for clothes
i can wear in the heat
a really cool shirt
that would be sweet

it may not fit
all the way down
to the waist of my pants
as i walk around town

but i'm hoping to be
a cool mama cat
and i can still wear the shirt
when my belly is flat!

Holly H.

we love you Holly!!!

to remember here it was:
to archive: Gen-art free tee contest from last week
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