Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Here are the newest updates:
- New t-shirt designs and a bunch of new Owl patches were listed in our Etsy store
- We started our Facebook page
- We also started a new t-shirt group on Flickr called: Son Of The White Horse which is so easy to enjoy once you have a flickr account..you can get one for free:) Come and list your tees!!!!
Otherwise just working on a ton of new designs and new ideas..



Mich said...

Great tshirt designs, and i'm luvin the totes! paper or plastic? Neither!!

1Aeon said...

they are made of strong fabric:)

Jo Bradford said...

loving that wolf - do you do it in skiny fit for the ladeees??

1Aeon said...

if you want, come to etsy and we can figure it out..