Monday, January 25, 2010

behind the scenes

we always show final products here, pretty ladies or bearded guys modeling tees or me with some mask on haha, but when it comes down to silkscreening/screen-printing where it all begins is: the cold, technical basic which is the screen.
Well in my book: Getting it or Building it Yourself is a different story, just a different feeling, a special kind of care and level of dedication that you just can not be replaced with a simple transaction. I know what that is like and i know some companies (especially the ones that bigger than us 98% of them) just order them and it it's all good and nice, but just saying if you build it - you own it.
we got some new label ideas and here are some steps how we did it.


This screen will be a hybrid: part new pices of wood and some recycled old screen parts. did i mentioned that i love to work with wood? nothing like it..

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