Friday, June 11, 2010


hmm..I don't even want to say a lot of things here- should i be flattered or pissed that fresh "artists" are using designs that were created and sold by me years before these guys would even think about opening a store on Etsy? Well we have a "1Aeon" sign on the bottom lip and the eyes are closed on our design..
Of course, this could be a coincidence, or maybe somewhere there is proof that they sold this before somewhere else (maybe?) wait! I don't believe in coincidences!
It is funny and it's not the first case and probably not the last one either, its happened before..and Im really just taking note here for myself and for anybody that also thinks it's interesting:)
I know that hardly anybody is 100% original and we have influences too, but it's pretty close.

This version of our "Venus" print was sold as early as Oct 2008.
This was listed on our Flickr in March 2009
The Hoodie version in Nov 2008
hmm....this looks familiar:)

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