Friday, August 27, 2010

depressing downtime

Guess what? Not everything is fantastic nor great, as a matter of fact, it gets shitty (pretty often), that's just how life works and problems are coming and going so are good times, but they don't hurt our business, especially your homemade etsy-business, so what do you do? You go back to your cave like a caveman and re-collect, re-group, open your eyes, get some new inspiration, listen to the voices in your head, they will tell you the way out. It's very important not to stay with the problem and exhaust your mind on it. Let it go. Do research, it's just like in sport: going back to training, or taking an extra class in shool (perhaps literally). My newly found extra time I did some pre-production for some upcoming photo shoots and realized again, that I live in this gigantic, beautiful and dark metropolis! Its great to fall in love with NYC all over again.
Now it's time to make some decisions and go back to work!
The only way you can survive in this jungle is hard work only with a dedicated Never-Say-Die attitude!


Thera Joyce said...

So true! I've been feeling this way lately too. Thanks for the pep talk!

Thera Joyce

1Aeon said...

Thera, It can be hard sometimes, but not all the times. Trust, patience and hard work can turn everything for the better. It will. Keep it up!