Saturday, August 28, 2010

how stay creative?

more self medication?
No, but the answer can lie a front of us.. We have to keep our eyes and ears open, and stay creative? How?  Well, music and photography. Almost everybody lives music, listen to it! Music can be so powerful, like a drug, able to change your mood instantly. It can work as an inspiration. Im into vinyl records nowadays, because Im such a visual type, and like to hold and smell/feel the covers. Open the sleeves like a ritual. Love looking at the artwork. See what Im getting at? Art. Also if you have a cellphone, chances are that you can take pictures or videos. Take one today. Take one of something you like, or find interesting, maybe just a bird or a bug. It's nature. It can remind us, how complex system we live in and how difficult we can make our life for ourself, but the answers are often very simple, It's mostly a yes or a no.

see my leg in the mirror?

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