Friday, September 10, 2010

Grails - Redlight, The Burden Of Hope

Grails “Redlight” & “The Burden Of Hope” Repressed

Walking around record stores, promoting your band and dropping flyers, posters always fun. The only problem is, that there are the million records, all that beautiful vinyl that you will stare, and get closer or just run to the back and start going crazy..yes. once you picked like 5 you really want, that you have to make a decision.
I think I did well by picking Grails's Burden of Hope. (also check out: Redlight)
I knew this record was out and repressed (also re-mastered), and it's not a new record, also Neurot Recordings means 5 star, but when my eye hit the cover, I knew it was over.
Yes, it has slow rock, post rock, folk, almost country feel to it. It's beautiful to listen to it as we watch the summer passing away..
For fans of This will Destroy You, Thee Silver Mt. Zion.

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Killjoy said...

You can find this and much more in perfect lossless FLAC quality in my blog: FLAC for the masses