Wednesday, September 1, 2010

music as inspiration 01

Many of you asked a lot what type, kind of music that I listen to when working on designs otherwise during the creative process. Well there is a long list of music that goes on around here, mainstream and underground, all kind of genres, really. One of my favorite is one album, and it has changed my life and my thinking, (so is the band) is the 5th neurosis album. It might be really heavy, emotional, too noisy and such, but it made a much deeper connection between me and my inner self. This album takes me to a journey like nothing else does or could. It is brilliant, experimental, lonely, and possess such a powerful brute force that makes every other heavy band sounds like 16 years old kids at they first band rehearsal. One of my favorite song from this album is Aeon. Go figure.
I present you: Through Silver In Blood - it is the fifth album from the Oakland, California band Neurosis.

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