Saturday, January 8, 2011

Market-blog and stuff

Happy New Year Folks!
Well while I can't believe how fast the last few months flew by,  realized a also didn't have much appreciated time to send on this blog. So here it is, slowly but surly will fill you in with all the info about the market and the rest that happen to 1AEON and Co.

Holiday Markets in NYC, this is one of the nice ones..
So there I was calling and emailing about when is the application will be available, folks, don't DO THAT!
It won't get you any further, and closer, won't make you any smarter about the when and where and how... instead: You need to talk to someone who has done it, and not so jerky and will help you out. (hint).

I have tried to to do the same and let me tell you, "nice person" isn't everybody 's name neither "why would i help" and also some people said that they would help but they are couldn't.

Working hard for the sake of hard work will pay off is nice, like it, sounds great.
It went so fast that i didn't even realize it is over for weeks had a ton of laughter and nice memories but seen people got crushed too.

You have to know what are you doing and who you really are. really.
Have to have some selling skills, and even more people skills, and also skills.
Have to have lights and light bulbs and ideas and plan A,B and C about the booth you end up getting, your set up and about your holiday season..
more to come soon...


mrs.adrienneK said...

its a new year ...I think my life needs a 1AEON any shirts with deer on them?:)
Adrienne K.

1Aeon said...

anything can happen....we might bring some back:)

Anonymous said...
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