Friday, January 14, 2011

Not plus size, only TCOB!

Not plus size! I'm talking about Taking Care Of Business!

A size L, XL or even XXL women's tee from all these "fitted" styles blank we print on nowadays, is normal. NOT plus size, nothing crazy. It's just ladies, who have figures, that's why we like them. Some bigger, some smaller, but most of them have some, and they like 1AEON, and they like cool prints and cool tees and that's awesome! What I'm trying to say is that we won't carry plus sizes /and yes, a women's XL could be a skinny girl with bigger bust (then average)/, but will make sure we can offer a cool tee for most ladies! So i need to take of this issue this year!

Since we are getting all these emails about having bigger size tees for bigger bra owners, I am please to announce that I might just find some solutions. 
We will have 2 things going on: bigger size women's deep v burnout tops (yaay!) - well the v neck helps, but we will have XL and 2XL from those, also we will carry men's /unisex regular crew neck burnout tees and so besides the women's XL , you'd be able to get men's sizes. Usually men's L would be women's XL or a little bigger, a men's XL would be similar to a women's XXL or so..etc. Give me a few weeks and you'll see!
Hope I could help. Looking forward to serve the people that like what i do! If You feel good, i do too!


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